Friday, October 22, 2010

I've missed you, old friend...

Sometimes I forget how much I like to blog. I was a big diary kid in my day. In high school, I graduated to prettier, more "sophisticated" journals with spiral binding. I even had a short rendezvous with an audio journal a la Kerri Russell in "Felicity." I've realized that sometimes I get so busy that I forget to do things that I like. Like blogging. Or cooking. Or studying foreign languages (lol yes, I'm a dork, but I like what I like!). Lately I've been making more time for things that are important in my life. I think this is the busiest I've been in a looooong time. Probably since I was teaching preschool full time, nannying part time, and going to school full time too...clearly I had a death wish in those day...but now I'm busy doing things I love. Yes it sucks getting up at 5 am to get to a sunrise yoga class, but it is sooo worth it. Yes I use more gas now in a week than I typically would in almost 2 weeks, but driving out to Silver Spring to build Ikea furniture or watch Bad Girls Club while eating Chipotle with one of my closest friends is worth every ozone depleting emission. I always had this thought that there would be some huge catalyst that made me change my approach to life. But instead, one night I was twisting my hair and I thought to myself, I'm tired of bullshit. I'm tired of not being happy or having fun or seeing my friends. Fast forward a month or so and here I am. Schedule packed to the brim with early morning yoga, standing taco dates, pole dancing, and learning the Colesville area like the back of my hand :) Not to mention I still work 10 hours a day lol. On a good night I get about 6 or 7 hours of sleep. Sometimes on "movie night" I get 3. And I couldn't be happier. I love that my life is filled with positive people, positive activities, and positive changes. I suspect that some people in my life have been wondering why we haven't seen/talked to each other lately. I guess its all part of growing up, but if you're not adding anything to my life, the only thing left to do is subtract you. Lol that was corny, but very much how I feel these days. But anyway, the whole point of this is that blogging is going to be something I make time for now. Hopefully someone out there on the giant interweb will enjoy my posts, but if not, at least I'll be able to look back one day and see what the heck I was doing at this time in my life.

Friday, April 16, 2010

You Drink Like a Girl?

Okay so I know I haven't' blogged in about 3600 years, but hey, that's how life goes sometimes, right? I keep making these grandiose plans to break back into it, but something comes up every time. Until today. When I received this text message that made me compelled to blog a bit so I could get this off my chest. I went out last weekend with a friend and we met a few different people. Honestly I didn't remember too much about this guy (anyone who ever goes out with me knows I never remember much of anything), but I answered when he text me anyway. Then he sent me a picture and I remembered why I gave him my number in the first place. He was cuuuuuute. We exchanged a few typical "hey what's up" and it was fine. Until today. I asked what he was doing (this was circa 2:00 pm). He replied that he was watching a movie at his "manz" house and "blazing tree." Okay sir, I don't really know you like that, so why are you telling me that you're smoking? But of course, Ashleigh always tries to give people the benefit of the doubt, not to mention I've realized that a crapload of people smoke weed, so hey, I'm trying not to judge here. What did get a little judgement is that you're smoking weed and watching movies during the day. Why aren't you at work? So the getting to know you texts continue (I don't really mind the texting, I was at work anyway) and he asks where I'm from. I tell him Orange County and his response is "lol can I barrow (sic) 5 dollars?" No one is LoLing except you apparently. So now I choose not to respond. This is followed by a "I bet you get that a lot huh?" Oh yes, I get completely strangers asking me to borrow money all the time...NOT. So I tell him no, not really. His response is what prompted me to write this post. I will keep all spelling/grammar/punctuation as is:

"Wow well im not tha dishonest type so i dont go out much i cheif i just got fired da day we met i drink a lil like a girl lol i share car w/ momz"

Now while I'm a fan of keeping it real, this is clearly a time when "keeping it real goes wrong." There was just so much wrong with this I had to pause and read it twice. First of all, what the hell are you even saying? That dishonest people are the only people that go out? Or that you're an honest person and that's why you asked for 5 dollars? Good to know you smoke your life away, and I was right, you don't have a job. The fact that you share a car with your mom probably means you live with her too. I do try not to judge people, but damn is it really that hard to get your own place? You don't have to have a penthouse apartment, but not even a studio of your own by 28? I'm not even going to touch the whole I drink like a girl thing.

There are 2 things that bother me most about this situation. Why are you even approaching women dude? You have no car, no job, no place of your own, and apparently no ability to hold your liquor (you know that doesn't fly with me). Did you feel that if you laid your cards out from the beginning I'd overlook the fact that on paper you're a complete loser? Not happening. And what's worse is there are women out there that would make some sort of mental compromise and date him anyway. He had to get the confidence from somewhere. And by doing that, he feels no need to better himself because he knows he'll find someone who won't mind. Blech! Men like him make me want to puke. I'm never usually on the whole feminist, sisters we gotta come together thing, but really, ladies, please stop giving dudes like this the time of day. We've got to do better.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's been a long time...

Eek! I haven't blogged since February! Thats terrible. I'm racking my brain to see if I have a good reason...nope. For a while I was too busy. Then I was too lazy. Then I didn't want to post about all the things that are going on in my life. But here I am, back in the blogosphere with a post that you may or may not find interesting, but it's a post nonetheless. Its too tricky to remember everything that's happened since February, so I'll just go with the most recent. I have a new job!! I'm in the process of becoming a server at Jaleo in Crystal City. So far I LOVE it. Its pretty exhausting honestly, very different than the cushy life of a nanny, but I really enjoy having coworkers and being around people that I don't have to talk to in a baby voice for several hours each day. Oh yeah, and my Spanish skills have knocked most of the dust off and are back in full effect! I'm still nannying too, but this job gives me something else to do to occupy my extraordinarily long days. Since school is out for the semester and I'm a newly single lady (more on that later) I have A LOT of free time on my hands. I figure I should be productive during that time. That doesn't mean I don't still have fun though. Whitney and Latrice have been good sports about hanging with me on random nights or hitting the bar with me when I need to get out and have drinks (trying hard not to do that whole drinking alone at home thing this time around...) And even though she doesn't like to party like the rest of us Melissa's always down for going to lunch or something. It's good to have supportive friends around you when you need them, because let me tell you, I NEED them right now. This break up has been tougher than I ever imagined, but it's a learning/growing experience, blah blah blah, all that bullshit you're supposed to say when you find yourself newly alone and searching for ways to make yourself feel better about it. Sadly I don't have the desire to jump back into the dating world to keep myself occupied. Boys are scary! LoL as I wrote that, I just realized maybe that's my problem; boys ARE scary, men are not. Maybe I need to change up my clientele...Hmmm. Anyway, this post is not to rehash my stupid breakup or the downward spiral it temporarily sent me into. I'm feeling better now, slightly more normal, and I'm sure I will be back to my typical hijinks before I know it. Another BIG piece of news! I have decided that I want to join the Air Force! This isn't one of my wild whims either, this one I'm really going to do. Am I super excited about it. Monday starts my "get right so I don't die in bootcamp" plan. I actually started it last week, but 150 days of rain and trying to get my body adjusted to my new work schedule kinda threw things off, so I'll be back on the grind tomorrow. People have been asking, why? Why would you want to do this? We're in a war! You could die! Perhaps I'll dedicate an entire blogpost to my decision in the near future, but for now, just know this: This is something that I'm very passionate about. I understand why people are afraid for me to do it, but I implore you to trust my instincts and know that I will be so much better for this. Okay, end of my public service announcement. :) You know, you'd think after 4 months of not blogging, I'd have a lot to say, but it seems my well is running dry. I have to update my other blogs anyway, so I suppose it's just as well that I end it here. I promise that I will make more of an effort to post more. I should have more to say soon enough anyway; work stories, nights out with the girls, and in 73 years when I'm ready to date again, maybe I'll even have some funny stuff there! Who knows? Anyway, it feels good to be back :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Making my house a home

So I'm finally actually decorating my apartment! Yeah, like after a year and a half...oh well. Last night the CEO and I put up shelves in my room, a wine rack, and white board type thing in my kitchen. I got rid of my other wine rack and put my toaster on the counter. My little kitchen looks so cute! And my room looks awesome too. Its weird how two shelves and moving your bed can change the look of a room so much!! Also while we were out and about for those many hours yesterday he bought me a set of Ginsu knives! They're so fancy! LoL they were a gift for him as much as they were for me because he hated trying to cut with my "crappy knives." I still stand by my thoughts that the knives I had weren't that bad. I really like the new ones though :) So today I will be cleaning up all the dust and vacuuming and such from all of last night's decorating. Nothing too interesting going on in my life honestly. Decorating my apartment thrills me death, and I love that the CEO helps me. He suggested that we do the kitchen next weekend, which sounds like a good idea to me. I really want to paint the walls green, but my microwave and crockpot are red and I don't want a Christmas kitchen. I guess I could do a nice shade of yellow, but I really like the green. We'll see how it pans out...I've also been trying to wear my hair straight lately, but I think I'm over it. Its a little too much work for my taste. I'd rather spend 3 hours twisting it and not having to mess with it for the next week and a half. Plus I'm not so good a remembering to wear a scarf so that messes up my straight hair too. I think this week will be the last week I give it a go. Then its back to the old curls for me! Or maybe something else, if I can think of anything else, who knows. Well I'd better stop blogging and get to cleaning my house. I have a buttload of homework that I have to do today and I still want to take a nap this afternoon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My neck, my back, my neck and my back!

They hurt! Yesterday at work I fell down the stairs! Yes, laugh if you must, but that junk HURT. So now I'm hobbling around like an 84 year old man who needs a cane. This sucks, I didn't even go to class today. I've just been trying to lay very still in my bed and muster up strength to go to work later today. I wish I had a job where I could take sick days. You can't just say, oh sorry, find someone else to take care of you kids! Laying around all day makes me sleepy, but I thought I'd give a little update. I apologize to all 2 of my adoring fans for making you wait for this update LoL Life as I know it has been pretty good. School is going well this semester. I decided to ditch the French and move on to Japanese. I'm getting pretty good at it!! Drawing the characters is a little tricky, but I can speak like nobody's business. I'm trying to get up enough balls to go and order sushi in Japanese one day. I'd be so pleased with myself. Work is fine. I started this new job and its a little tough. The kid doesn't like me very much and I'm severely allergic to their cats, but hey, I needed a job, so what can you do? Hmmm...what else? You'd think since I haven't updated in like 2 months I'd have something to say. Last weekend was Valentine's Day. Since the CEO is a self professed hater of this particular holiday, it wasn't all Valentine's Day themed, but by far the best I've had. Perhaps by not focusing on the holiday, we focused on each other more. It was as love filled as one could hope for. I mean, how wonderful is it to have a man that wakes you up in the morning and asks you how you slept and just cuddles you?! Okay enough of the mushy stuff, I may be losing half of my fan base with that crap. But I can't help it. I will totally admit it, I am ridiculously and severely in love. I hope writing that in my blog isn't like going on a reality show with your significant other, inevitably dooming your relationship...I suppose I'll hush now just in case. In more entertaining news, the two kids that I watch on Tuesdays and Thursdays have a new obsession...naked dance parties. I'm not even kidding. If I'm not in the living room with them, I will hear them turn on the iPod, move the rug, strip off all their clothes and start dancing like madmen. The little boy seems to have taken an interest in break dancing, while the little girl is content to do the typical two year old dance (you know, flailing your arms and legs and spinning in circles). It makes me laugh, but I try my best to keep them clothed. Who knows what hi jinks they'll be up to today, they always crack me up. Hopefully I can laugh away a little of this body pain. Admittedly this is kind of a wack update, but I need to start my other blog (stay tuned!) while I'm thinking about it. I'll be back eventually...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love...among other things

Well, its almost 9 on Sunday morning so of course I'm awake. I hope one day I'll regain my ability (have I ever had it?) to sleep until noon. Perhaps I'm still recovering from when Latrice and I went out on Friday, but I still feel a little off. I think I'll make some muffins and see where the day goes. I'm leaving on Tuesday morning to go to California for a few weeks. I was excited before, but now I'm kinda over it. I'm going to be there for a loooong time. And I know that part of my lack of excitement is knowing that I won't see the CEO for a long time. :( I decided to go back a read through a few of my posts and they make me laugh. I was like "oh, I think I really like the CEO, he's nice, I wonder where this will go, blah blah blah." LoL well for anyone who was wondering, it's going somewhere quite nice. He really is amazing. Even when I'm a complete weirdo he doesn't mind. That may stem from the fact that he's weird too, perhaps that's why we're so compatible. The other night I left his house in a bit of a rush because he was going out with his friends and I'm not the type to impose on his man time (mostly because I'm just so happy that he has man time. Being with someone who has their own friends is WONDERFUL). So as I'm driving home he called and says "hey, I didn't get a chance to tell you I loved you before you left" :) How cute is he? Oh yes, that was a sly little newsflash there eh? Yes, we're in love. I said it. On the internet. LoL But seriously. I don't want to say he's perfect, but he's pretty damn close. Sigh, I feel all Coming to America-ish. "To be loveddddd...oh to be looooooved!" While running the risk of sounding like one of those stupid sappy girls, I really wish that everyone gets the chance to feel the way I feel at some point in their lives. Being able to love someone without drama or pretenses or even having to work that hard at it is amazing. And to have someone who really meets you in the middle on most things and likes what you like and you truly enjoy each other's company is freaking awesome. I can't believe this year is basically over. Where does time go? But you know what the end of the year means? We are steps closer to my birthday!! Hooray!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE my birthday. I get excited just thinking about it. I can't wait to buy my new birthday crown. Whew, I'd better calm down. I don't know what we're going to do this year, but hopefully we (me, Fanny, and Trice) can find something fun to do. Its a little tricky now that all my friends have moved away. But what can you do? I wonder if the CEO will plan something fun for my birthday...As much as I love him, planning is not his strong point. He's always down to do fun stuff, but admittedly needs a little help with the execution. He's more of a "wow we should do this and go here" but isnt so grand at making the plan. But thats good with me because I'm quite a good planner. But I digress. I'm sure the three of us will probably end up at Tom Tom like every year. LoL Blah, I was supposed to wake up early today so I could go to the store and get gifts for Jack and Kate...I guess now I'll have to fight the Christmas crowd :( Okay I'm off to do semi-constructive things with my life.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Didja miss me?

This will probably quick since I have to leave for work soon, but for some reason I felt compelled to update this morning. I haven't blogged in forever! Things in Princesa's life have been pretty freaking awesome as of late. School's going okay, work is great, and I'm going to see my family in less than a week! My friends are wonderful, doing big fancy things as usual. Brittanie went to China for her job, Lesley's been to DC twice for recruiting events, Latrice got a job, and Melissa's going to Bangledesh! Oh yeah, and Fanny's moving back to the city!! Even my OC friends are great. 2 weeks ago, I went to NY to visit Peanut and I got to see her in her full working glory, I'm so proud of her. We're all becoming such real adults! And speaking of real adults, I went on my first real vacation with a boy last weekend!!! :) Not to visit a friend or family or anything, just me and him. The CEO and I had the freaking best time ever! We went to Philly and it was wonderful. I still can't believe what we've become. If someone had told me a year ago that we'd end up together I would have been like yeah, whatever. He is definitely the closest thing that I've ever found to my other half. I mean I'm not saying he's my soulmate and we are destined to be together or anything, things can change (although I sincerely hope they don't!) but he is really like the male version of me. Which is quite fun I might add. And a little frustrating from time to time because he's always stealing the thoughts out of my brain and doing cute things before I get the chance to do them. :) I think I can live with that though. Oh! I forgot my other big news!! I'm MOVING! Next year. The original plan was to go to France, but my French skills aren't panning out as well as I'd hoped, and lately I've been having this hankering to go t Italy. I'm going to do a year long au pair program. I'm going to be submitting my application soon, and I'm super excited about it! Ah crap, now I want to keep writing, but I gotta go get ready stinkin work and since I was like a half hour late on Monday I'd better be a little early today. I'll try to start posting more often. I'd forgotten how much I like doing this...